The South Area of The Singapore Scout Association is home to a total of 2050 members, of which there are 940 cub scouts, 900 scouts, 140 ventures, 70 rovers and 240 leaders. These scouts come from a 47 scout groups which are based in the southern part of Singapore. The Area spans from Queenstown all the way to Ang Mo Kio in central Singapore.

As an Area, some of the key events that we participate in include the Chief Scout Hospitality Team as well as HQ organised events. The Area also organises an Area campfire annually as well as the Scout Leadership Course (SLC). South area also has an Area Rover Roundtable (SARR) which consists of members from rover units in South Area.


Our Logosouth

Pentagon is a 5-sided shape that reminds us of the 5 scout laws that we promise to uphold and so it shall be the boundary that South Area will keep within.

Surgeon’s knot
Surgeon’s knot is a modification to an ancient and simple binding knot used to secure a rope or line around an object. It adds an extra twist when tying the first throw, forming a double overhand knot. The additional turn provides more friction and can reduce loosening while the second half of the knot is tied. This knot is commonly used by surgeons in situations where it is important to maintain tension on a suture, giving it its name.

Similarly, South Area has a unique closeness and openness to each other. When we come together and maintain tension, we become an unbreakable knot that works together to serve its purpose and as we live our own separate scouting lives and journeys, we are apart but connected by the same rope that we can fall back to anytime.

(Area badge designed by: Lim Wei Yung)

Green is seen as a colour that promotes growth and alleviates stress. It represents nature and have a sense of relaxation and calmness.

Therefore green as South Area’s background will help us to promote growth and maintain harmonious relationships.

Grey represents security and stability and as the rope and border is in grey colour, south area is a secured and reliable rope which has a tight bond with one another.

One Promise
The one and only Scout Promise we live by, is South Area’s promise to one another from cub to leader.

The word “South” and “One Promise” is in red which is SSA’s logo colour. This shows our collinear direction and passion to the scout movement.