Messengers of Peace



In the coming 10 years, at least two thirds of the world’s 30 million Scouts will become effective “Messengers for Peace”, change their world for the better, and send a message of peace to at least 200 million people.

What is Messengers of Peace?

Messengers of Peace is a global initiative designed to inspire millions of young people in more than 220 countries and territories to work toward peace.
Scouts from around the world share what they’ve done and inspire fellow Scouts to undertake similar efforts in their own communities.

Peace in the Messengers of Peace program has three dimensions:

Personal Community Based Collective Result

Practice this in everyday life, and make this a habit through personal action.

Examples may include individual actions and good turns as follows:-

• Sharing a smile with each person you see.
• Offering help to someone in need, or help someone with some of your talents or skills.
• Picking up the trash in an area you walk regularly to keep the place clean. (even if its not yours)
• Calling a friend or a family member just to tell them how much you appreciate them.
• Sharing your knowledge with others.

Active citizens are those who get involved in their communities and make positive changes in it.
Start our involvement through our communities, the places that we hang out and the people around us; strive to build a bigger impact from there. Work on a project that provides help to a community as a whole and reduces need and conflict. Examples include:-

• Get yourself registered in a community service initiative.
• Conducting a book or food drive for poor families.
• Assisting home maintenance for needy members of the community
• Helping or conducting a holiday party for less fortunate families.
• Conduct entertainment programs, including skits and plays, at a nursing home.
• Tuition program for underprivileged youths.
• Building a common accessible area like a park
• Cleaning up vandalism
• Sponsoring conflict resolution workshops in a school
• Helping in an effort to provide help to countries in need
• Help in a community civil defence exercise.
• Plan a sports tournament that brings together kids from different segments of the community
• Project Sunshine
• Organize and lead in a racial harmony event
• Clean up a shoreline, local park, a river, or a forested area.

Important to for Scouts to interact with community actors in:

• Identifying needs so that we provide a service in something that is really needed
• Planning together so that Scouts can be the triggers but the community embraces and integrates the results of the efforts put in.
• Monitoring and evaluating the impact of the efforts put in.
• Recognizing efforts so as to celebrate Scouts and non-Scouts working together and for their contributions.

What we need the Units to do?

• Prior to executing the service project, the unit may approach the South Area MoP program team to discuss whether the project will qualify for MoP. The service project remains wholly the responsibility of the unit
• Submit a simple report on the nature of the project and reflections by the participants (group reflection submitted by leaders for Cub Scouts, individual reflections required for scouts, venture/rover scouts and leaders)
• Submit the service hours clocked on the WOSM website.
• The unit will be issued the MoP patches once the reflections are submitted and the service hours clocked.
• Please discuss the Messengers of Peace program when leaders distribute the patches. It will reinforce the reasons the patches are being received and the impact of the project.
• Leaders should help to explain and promote the program, and can use it to build good will for those Scouts who missed participation this time and use it for an incentive for the next project.
• Scouts to share their MoP stories with friends, family, local media, social media, etc… so that other Scouts in their city, country or the world can be similarly inspired.

Please refer to this PDF document for more details.

Project Submission

If you have completed any of the approved projects in the list below, please submit the project by clicking here.

  • ACS (Barker) Tan Chin Tuan Centennial Concert 2016
  • Raffles 01 Tuition Programme
  • Raffles 01 Volunteering for the Autism
  • Raffles 02 Beach Cleanup Programme
  • Istana Open House Hospitality Duties (Before 15 July)
  • Litter-free Ambassador
  • Project Sunshine 2015
  • SG50 Jamboree VIA
  • Project Rigel 2016
  • Project Orion 2015/2016
  • SE Air Scout Wing Find and Rescue Turtles (Lombok, Indonesia)
  • SE Air Scout Wing Public Awareness on the impact of littering on the waterways of Singapore


At this point in time, submission is only open to participants in the approved projects. If you have questions or comments regarding the Messengers of Peace projects, please contact