World Scout Day Celebration 2022 – Virtual Campfire

Greetings from the South Area!

In commemoration of the World Scout Day on 22nd February 2022, the South Area will organize our World Scout Day Celebration 2022.

On the 19th of February 2022 (Saturday), Participants will take part in many exciting and interactive activities with different scouts from the area, strengthening the unique fellowship of Scouting.

Units that send their youths as participants will be able to enter their participation under the “Area Activities” component of the Frank Cooper Sands Award. Please refer to Annex A for event details.

We are also encouraging units to participate in the following events:

  1. Design Area World Scout Day badge competition and give a short write up of their choice of design. A panel of design/media will review these submissions, and the top three designs will be shortlisted as potential icons to incorporate for the Area World Scout Day badge.
  2. Submit a Skit or Performance either recorded or performed live during the Virtual Campfire

Units that participate in the above activities will be able to enter their participation under the “Competitions” component of the Frank Cooper Sands Award.

Please refer to Annex B for the competition details. Complete the form on Annex B before Tuesday, 8th February 2022  and email it to Mr Chua Yong Liang at

You are encouraged to register all your Cubs and Scouts via MSDS Youth Programme Registration portal at before Tuesday, 8th February 2022. The accepted registrations will be duly notified.

Should you need any clarifications, please email Mr Chua Yong Liang at

We look forward to your enthusiastic participation and your registrations in good time.

Annex A – World Scout Day Celebration 2022

General Information
Date:19th February 2022 (Saturday)
Time:0845 to 1130hrs
Venue:Virtual (Zoom)
Attire:Scout T-shirt with scarf / School PE T-shirt with scarf (Only for New Members)
Eligibility:All Registered Cubs and Scouts
Registration Fees:S$2.14 /GSD ($2.00) per participant (includes a commemorative badge)
Registration Closing Date:8th February 2022, Tuesday

All participants must enter the Zoom session with their NAME_FULL UNIT NAME to allow easy identification. 

E.g. John Ang_ABC Scout Group


Time Event
0845 Opening address by Commissioners and Scout Promise and Law
0900 Zoom session 1
1000 Break
1015 Zoom session 2
1115 Closing
1130 Dismissal

Annex B – Badge design and submission specifications

Badge design images are to fit the following specifications

  1. To be Scout related for Campfire
  2. To contain a maximum of 7 colours
  3. Design submissions to be hand drawn or by PDF with attention to the following:
    • PDF submissions are to be 1:1 ratio
    • Hardcopy hand-drawn sketch with colours (you may draw it with 2x the size)
    • Any fine details should not be less than 1mm in stroke thickness

Design submissions are to be accompanied by a short write up describing the reason for the choice of the design

Badge design submission Form
Area / Unit Name:  
School: (“NA” for Open Units)
Design Name:  
Synopsis of design:  

Annex B – Skit of Performance

Skit or Performance submission Form
Area / Unit Name:  
School: (“NA” for Open Units)
Performance title:  
Synopsis of performance:  
Duration:  (Max. 15min) 
Method of delivery: Recorded / Live performance (**Please delete where applicable)

**Email Annex B to Mr Chua Yong Liang at by 8th February 2022, Tuesday **