Job Week Launch 2023

Scout Units from across the South Area came together to support this year’s Job Week launch, and it was a roaring success! 🎉 Our very own Chief Scout, President Halimah Yacob, officially kick-started the Annual Job Week at the NTUC Health (NTUCH) Nursing Home in Jurong Spring. What an honor! 🙌

💙 Our dedicated Scouts spent quality time interacting with the seniors and lending a helping hand to the amazing NTUCH healthcare workers. From assisting with housekeeping tasks to brightening up the residents’ day, our Scouts left a positive impact wherever they went. 👏

🌱 Embracing the theme of this year’s Diamond Jubilee Challenge, which revolves around the environment, our Scouts went the extra mile. Together with the seniors, they creatively crafted photo frames using recycled materials. How awesome is that? 🌿♻️

🤝 The Job Week is not just about jobs, it’s about nurturing our Scouts into self-reliant, responsible, and active citizens. By engaging in various tasks within our community, we aim to instill the values of dignity, honesty, and compassion in our Scouts. They become better citizens, more confident individuals, and effective communicators. 💪🏠

💡 But here’s the exciting part: YOU can make a difference too! We invite you to take an active role in guiding our Scouts during Job Week. Your guidance and support can have a tremendous impact on their journey of personal growth. Together, we can empower the next generation of leaders! 🌟🤗

🗓️ Save the Date! This year’s Job Week will run from May 19 to June 27. Over 10,000 Scouts, aged 8 to 18, will be knocking on doors across the island, offering their assistance in exchange for donations. Let’s come together as a community, support our Scouts, and make a positive difference! 💙🤝

South Area Akela Award Interaction Day 2023

South Area recently held the Akela Award Interaction Day, where leaders had the privilege to meet and interact with 67 exceptional Akela Award nominees! 🤩 The event took place on 13 May 2023 at Catholic High School, and from 0815 to 1200hrs, we immersed ourselves in a half-day of exciting activities.

Throughout the event, the nominees showcased their outstanding competencies, leaving us all in awe. We witnessed their exemplary leadership qualities, comprehensive first aid knowledge, and remarkable public speaking skills. 🏆 It was clear from their performances that these Cub Scouts truly deserved their nominations for the prestigious Akela Award!

The day was packed with various engaging stations that challenged and tested their abilities. From team-building exercises to problem-solving tasks, each activity brought out the best in all of the nominees. 💪 The nominees showed immense confidence and active participation, making the atmosphere vibrant and full of energy!

Interacting with these incredible young individuals was an absolute delight. Their enthusiasm, determination, and dedication to Scouting were truly inspiring. 🙌 It was evident that they have put their heart and soul into their scouting journey, and the Akela Award is a testament to their exceptional achievements.

We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this memorable day, surrounded by such talented and passionate nominees. It was a fruitful experience that not only allowed them to showcase their skills but also foster friendships and camaraderie among all participants. 🤝💙

Thank you, Catholic High School, for hosting this fantastic event and providing a platform for these extraordinary Cub Scouts to shine. 🎉 Congratulations once again to all the Akela Award nominees for your exceptional accomplishments. You truly embody the spirit of scouting and inspire us all! Keep up the amazing work! 👏👏

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