Greetings from the Singapore Scout Association (SSA)!

During the Leadership Kick-Off held in January this year, I spoke about the need to put our youth members at the centre of everything we do. To recognize youth members who make a difference in their community and in Scouting, we will be introducing the Chief Commissioner’s Well-Done Badge (Well-Done Badge).

The Well-Done Badge is presented to youth members who have exemplified the Scout Promise and Law and contributed to the well-being of their unit, school, or community.

Unit Leaders are invited to nominate deserving youth members for the Well-Done Badge for Q2, 2022.

Nomination for the Well-Done Badge is restricted to one nomination per unit. Nomination must be made on the prescribed form and submitted through the Area Commissioner who will endorse and support deserving nominees for the Well-Done Badge. Example of actions that would be suitable for nomination are provided for your perusal.

The badge and congratulation letter can be presented by the School Principal during the school’s assembly (for school units) or by the Area Commissioner during an area event (for open units). The badge can be worn on the uniform by the youth member on the left chest above the Bumble Bee/ Squirrel Badge.

We hope that through this recognition, we can inspire our youth members to fulfil the purpose of Scouting – as active citizens, and responsible members of their communities.

Please submit the nomination form to your respective Area Commissioners no later than 23 August 2022.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your respective Area Commissioner or Area Admin if you need further information.

I look forward to receiving your nomination and reading all about the achievements and contributions of our youth members as they contribute to Creating A Better World.

Thank you.

Yours in Scouting,

Desmond Chong
Chief Commissioner


In view of the easing of travel restrictions, many Scout Groups and Areas will be organizing overseas trips for their members.

While we strongly encourage Scout groups’ engagement in such exchange programmes with overseas Scouts, organizers are reminded to follow the procedures as required by SSA and the Ministry of Education (MOE).

The guidelines and procedures are attached in Annex 1. MOE Guidelines can be found in the School Safety Handbook. This can be obtained from your School Admin Office.

Scout Units and individual leaders are to ensure that they have obtained headquarters approval prior to embarking on their trips.

Should you need assistance to link up with overseas Scout groups, please contact the International Department and we will be able to assist you to look for a suitable Scout group.

For further clarifications, please contact Mr Maohaid Faizal Kasmin, Senior Manager (International Relations) at 6259 2858 or email

South Area Cooking Course & Cook-Off 2022 [Updated with results]

We are pleased to inform you that South Area will be conducting our annual South Area Cooking Course and Cook-off 2022 after a year’s break and yes it’s a physical event this time!

The key objective of the cook-off is to train, guide and encourage learning by doing through cooking and to inculcate teamwork. Participants will be guided in knife-handling skills, food hygiene, kitchen safety and food preparation techniques. They will have an opportunity to display the learnt skills at Cook-off 2022.


  1. Those who would want to pursue their core scouting experiences in Discoverer, Explorer awards
  2. Those who would want to pursue the cooking proficiency badge
  3. Venture Scouts are also welcomed

Prerequisite: Cub Scouts, Scouts who do not have their cooking proficiency badge


  • Saturday, 6 August 2022 – Course
  • Saturday, 13 August 2022 – Course
  • Saturday, 20 August 2022 – Cook Off

Venue: Beatty Secondary School (Canteen)

Time: 6 August 2022 – 0830hrs to 1200hrs (Cub Scout)

1300hrs to 1700hrs (Scout and Venture)

13 August 2022 – 0830hrs to 1700hrs (Scout and Venture only)

20 August 2022 – 0830hrs to 1200hrs (Cub Scout)

1300hrs to 1700hrs (Scout and Venture)

Event fee:  $21.40 (Including GST) per Cub Scout for both course and cook-off

$48.15 (Including GST) per Scout and Venture Scout for both course and cook-off

The payment procedures are as follows:-

  1. Cash and AFP: Upon receiving the invoice number, kindly print the invoice and proceed to SSA HQ to make the payment directly.
  2. IFFAS: Please select the payment mode as IFFAS and the school will receive an E-invoice

Vacancies: Cub Scout – 20 teams (2 pax/team), max 2 teams per Scout Group

Scout and Venture Scout – 20 teams (2 pax/team), max 2 teams per Scout Group

(First Come First Serve Basis)

Attire: Half-Uniform with National Scarf

Closing Date: 30 July 2022

Registration Link:

*After registration on MSDS, leaders must also register through the microsite

This is to allow us to find out if your participant has any food-related issues.

Detailed information (i.e. program, cook off requirements, things to bring, etc) about the course is also available via its microsite at:

No refund will be made upon the confirmation of accepted registration unless due to unforeseen circumstances with valid documentary proof of absence. Any withdrawal made after which, a penalty charge may apply. Amount of refund/withdrawal will be at The Singapore Scout Association’s discretion. The Singapore Scout Association reserves the right to cancel/postpone/reject applicants due to unforeseen circumstances. Any amount of refund may then be executed, if any, by The Singapore Scout Association, after the deduction of whatever expenditure that may have been incurred by the organizers.

For any queries, feel free to contact Justin Chong, Course Director at

Update: Results

This year we had a total of 15 teams from the Cub Scout and Scout sections respectively. We are delighted to see that the cooking skills of our participants have improved significantly over the course, it was evident during the cook-off as well.

Congratulations to all participants who showcased their cooking skills! We have deemed all participants worthy of the Cook badge. Respective unit leaders can proceed to award the badges to your Cub Scouts and Scouts. Below are the section-level results. The top teams for both sections will fall under the GOLD banding for this competition.

Cub Scout

PositionSchool / UnitTeam no.

Scout & Venture Scout

PositionSchool / UnitTeam no.

Complete Result List

Cub Scout Section

School / UnitTeam no.Banding
Anglo Chinese Cub Scout Group (Primary)10Gold
Colugo Scout Group13Gold
Colugo Scout Group14Gold
Kheng Cheng School (Primary)3Gold
Anglo Chinese Cub Scout Group (Primary)11Silver
Cantonment Cub Scout Group (Primary)5Silver
Cantonment Cub Scout Group (Primary)7Silver
Colugo Scout Group12Silver
Colugo Scout Group15Silver
Cantonment Cub Scout Group (Primary)6Bronze
Cantonment Cub Scout Group (Primary)8Bronze
Cantonment Cub Scout Group (Primary)9Bronze
Kheng Cheng School (Primary)1Bronze
Kheng Cheng School (Primary)2Bronze
Kheng Cheng School (Primary)4Bronze

Scout & Venture Section

School / UnitTeam no.Banding
Maris Stella High Scout Group (Secondary)5Gold
Pathlight School Scout Group13Gold
Queenstown Scout Group (Secondary)1Gold
St Andrew Star Scout Group (Secondary)14Gold
St Andrew Star Scout Group (Secondary)15Gold
01 Raffles Scout Group (Secondary)9Silver
Maris Stella High Scout Group (Secondary)2Silver
Maris Stella High Scout Group (Secondary)3Silver
Maris Stella High Scout Group (Secondary)4Silver
Pathlight School Scout Group10Silver
Pathlight School Scout Group11Silver
Pathlight School Scout Group12Silver
Beatty Beavers Scout Group (Secondary)6Bronze
Beatty Beavers Scout Group (Secondary)7Bronze
Beatty Beavers Scout Group (Secondary)8Bronze


In line with the resumption of MOE Outdoor Adventure Learning (OAL) Cohort Camps (residential) from Term 3, 2022 onwards, all residential camp training for all levels can resume from 27 June 2022.

This circular outlines the updated SMMs for Scout Leaders’ compliance, in accordance with the updated MOE guidelines.

With the further easing of community SMMs:

  1. There will be no cap on the group activity sizes and safe distancing will also no longer be required beween individuals or between groups.
  2. Masks may be removed when outdoors, performing strenuous activity in enclosed venues (but will have to be put on after the completion of such activity and during rest breaks), sleeping.

For Scouting activities at both unit and Area level, Scouts are to exercise good personal hygiene and social responsibility

  1. Instructors and Scouts are to wash their hands with soap or sanitise their hands before and after an OIL activity, and before handling any prop or equipment.
  2. Individual bento meals can be catered for participants, if required.
  3. Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management Measures (VDS) will only apply for events with more than 500 participants

Please note that all height based activities remain suspended.

Students who have just completed their vaccination dose or booster shot will be excused for two weeks from strenuous physical activities. Students with mild or asymptomatic COVID-19 infection should also avoid strenuous physical activity for 2 weeks after their first positive COVID-19 test (PCR or ART). Thereafter, they may gradually resume physical activity as tolerated. Adult Leaders are also reminded to monitor and be vigilant to their Scouts’ health conditions to ensure the safety of all members.