Greetings from South Area Leadership Team.

In commemoration of Founder’s Day, the intention was to conduct unit South Area exploration treks, around the theme of “Knowing our Area, and our roots”

With the current situation from the Covid-19, the hikes are being postponed until we are given clearance to proceed with our outdoor activities and learning journeys. As we are not able to engage in the physical exploration of our area, we would like to invite our youth to engage in a virtual exploration with their unit leaders, focusing on our area’s landmarks, icons and symbols. Unit leaders are encouraged to “walk the route” with their youth via googlemaps or other virtual means, and discuss points of interest and landmarks along the routes, to encourage youth to get to know landmarks of our South Area.

We invite interested youth to participate in a “Design your scout trek badge” competition, linked to their area exploration Trek. The youth are invited to create artwork that depicts their favourite south area landmark, and give a short write up of their choice of design. A panel of design/media will review these submissions, and the top three designs will be shortlisted as potential icons to incorporate for the scout trek badge.

Please refer to Annex A for the specifics for submission.

Annex B contains some of the routes we originally planned for the hike, which may be used for inspiration in the badge competition. Unit leaders are also welcomed to plan a path for their unit hike which can be completed at a later date (when we open up for the actual Founder’s Day Scout Trek).

Leaders are requested to register interested youth for the badge design competition via the MSDS portal at by 30th April 2020 16th June 2020

Entry submission deadline is 10th July 2020 5pm.

For any queries, please feel free to contact Mr Raikhan, Senior Executive Assistant at or 6259 2858.

We look forward for your active participation.

Annex A – Scout Trek Badge Design Competition

General Information
Eligibility All Cub Scouts
All Scouts
All Venture Scouts
All Rover Scouts
Cost N.A
Maximum Intake Nil
Registration close 6 pm, 30th April 16th June 2020
Submission due 5 pm, 10th July 2020
Badge design and submission specifications

Badge design images are to fit the following specifications

  1. Landmark(s) or icon(s) depicted is within South Area boundary
  2. To be Scout related
  3. To contain a maximum of 7 colours
  4. Design submission to be hand drawn or by PDF with attention to the following:
    • PDF submissions are to be 1:1 ratio
    • Hardcopy hand-drawn sketch with colours (you may draw it 2x the size)
    • Any fine details should be not less than 1mm in stroke thickness

Design submissions are to be accompanied by a short write up describing the reason for the choice of landmark/icon in the design

Submission to Mr Raikhan at SSA HQ or email it to

Annex B – Sample Routes

Please note that the icon/landmark badge design submitted does not need to be along the actual route of your hike.

We have some routes planned, with suitable checkpoints aimed at exploration of the area. Units are invited to craft a route of their own, suitable difficulty and distance for their youth members (minimum distance 5km).

  • Explore our Southern Ridges (“Our Parks” Mt Faber to Kent Ridge Park)
  • Explore Singapore River (“Bridges and our beginnings” Alexandra Canal to downtown core)
  • Explore Ang Mo Kio Heritage (for units not from the old Ang Mo Kio district)
  • Explore Toa Payoh Heritage (for units not from the old Toa Payoh district)
  • Explore Queenstown Heritage (for units not from the old Queenstown district)

Update: ‌Registration closing date extended to 16th June 2020 due to the COVID-19 situation.