Dear All,


The Scout Leadership Course (SLC) is a course focused on introducing leadership skills to Scouts through on-the-job training while in camp and to train Scouts to develop soft skills such as teamwork, communication, and instructorship. At the end of the course, Scouts are poised to be more confident to assume leadership roles in their own units and be open to learning to become better leaders of tomorrow.


Due to COVID-19 and its restrictions on mass gatherings, this year’s area SLC will be held online through a set of Course Guides and Slides that can be carried out by the Scout leaders/teachers; to encourage patrols to perform independent, self-guided learning as a team. Slides are designed to be engaging, relevant, and informative to educate scouts through familiar grounds. Teachers or Scout Leaders are strongly encouraged to be present during these sessions, which will be done through Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.


Upon registration and confirmation, the Course Guide and Slides will be sent to your registered email address


Details of the course is as stated:

Eligibility: All Scouts who have 1 year of Scouting experience and have completed at least their Scout Badge under the Scout Progress Scheme.
Registration: Registration for the course will be available on-line through the Scout Youth Programme registration portal at:
Briefing: Compulsory for all Leaders/Trainers to attend a 2-hour workshop on 6th March 2022, 9am to 11am regardless which intake you register for. Kindly register your attendance using the following link: SLC Leader Workshop Registration
Fee: S$2.00 subject to GST
Course Details (Intake 1):(Conducted by area) 12 and 19 March 2022, 9am to 3pm on both days (Zoom link will be sent to leaders closer to the date)
Course Details (Intake 2):(Conducted by own unit) 28 May and 4 June 2022
Course Details (Intake 3):(Conducted by own unit) 3 and 10 September 2022


Learning Objectives:

  • To inculcate soft and hard skills relevant to the Scouts leadership journey; including Leadership, Teamwork, Communications, and more.
  • To develop leaders of tomorrow through guided collaborative learning through patrols and using the Scout Method.
  • To build responsible, confident, and capable team-players through an immersive environment bounded by the Scout Method, and the Scout Promise and Law



  • The Scouts are required to complete the following:
    • Theory
    • Personal Reflections
    • Patrol-based deliverables (i.e. Plan, reflections, etc.)
  • Please refer to the SLC Training Notes page 56 onwards for more details on completing the 4 components
  • Tests/Quizzes may be conducted at the teachers/leaders discretion
  • Scout reflections are to be done on Google Doc, provided at the start of the course
  • Upon completion of the Course, Teachers/Scout Leaders are requested to inform the Course Director of your unit’s completion


Please note the following

  • All course materials will be disseminated to respective Trainers on the day of the Pre-SLC Trainers briefing
  • Submissions of reflection for the SLC will be due 2 weeks after the respective intake end date.


Registrations will close a week prior to the commencement date for each intake and no further extension will be given to support an efficient back-end planning


For any queries, feel free to contact our Senior Executive Assistant, Mr Raikhan at  or Mr Justin Chong, Course Director at 82368936, 


We look forward to your enthusiastic participation. Thank you.


Yours in Scouting,


Madhan Elavalahan (Mr.)

Assistant Area Commissioner – South (Programme)