Dear Leaders,


Greetings from the Singapore Scout Association (SSA).

The Akela Award is the highest award for Cub Scouts in Singapore. We are pleased to announce that the nomination for the Akela Award 2023 is now open for eligible Cub Scout and Special Needs Cub Scout Packs.

To be eligible for nomination, a Cub Scout must have completed the following requirements:

  1. All Progress badge awards – including the Gold Arrow Progress Award (Revised Criteria),
  2. Akela Award (Revised Criteria)
  3. Currently a registered member of SSA
  4. Nominated by the Group Scout Leader or Cub Scout Leader and endorsed by the Sponsoring Authority.

Do note that the Akela Award interview process and ceremony will be conducted at the Area Level.

Kindly refer to Annex A (Nomination & Submission Timeline), Annex B (Revised criteria for Akela and Gold Arrow Award), Annex C (Standing Order for Akela Award) and Annex D (Submission Checklist) for further details regarding the submission criteria and process.

For clarification or assistance, please contact Ms Emily Ho, Executive (Programme) at or at 69115790.

Please refer to the email for the circular for more information regarding the Revised Criteria, Standing Order and Submission Checklist.

Annex A


Nomination Procedures

  1. Refer to the Standing Order to ensure nominee(s) have completed the necessary requirements.
  2. Register the nominee(s) via MSDS’s Youth Programme Registration portal: by 1 Apr 2023, Sat (5.00pm).
  3. Upon successful registration, Area Admin will provide the details and google link for E-Submission. All submissions are to be completed by 16 Apr 2022 (5.00pm).
  4. All nominations must be registered by cut off dates and times. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Schedule – Nominations, Interview, Ceremony

No Date Description Remarks
1 7 Feb – 2 Apr 2023 Online Registration of Nominations via MSDS’s Youth Programme Portal @ Only Teacher In Charge / Group Scout Leader to register nominee(s).
2 By 15 Apr 2023 Submissions

E-Submission of Nomination Form via google link together with relevant supporting documents

Area Admin will provide the details and google link for E-Submission of Nomination forms.

Submission ONLY by Teacher In Charge / Group Scout Leader.

3 17 Apr – 2 May 2023 Akela Award Interview and Holistic Assessment
Conducted virtually at Area Level.

Successful nominee(s) will be notified via email to their Leader 1-2 weeks before the interview.

Area will notify the Leader regarding the interview date & time.
4 27 May 2023 Interview Results

Successful recipient(s) will be notified via email to their Leader.

Teacher In Charge / Group Scout Leader will be notified via HQ
5 Area will advise date Receive Certificates

Awardees will receive their certificates and badges.

Certificates and badges to be collected from HQ / given at the ceremony
6 Area will advise date & time Akela Award Ceremony

Conducted face-to-face/virtually at Area Level.

Area will notify Teacher In Charge / Group Scout Leader about the ceremony date & time.

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