Dear All,

Greeting from South Area!

After three years of the pandemic due to COVID-19, we are pleased to inform you that this year South Area will be conducting a physical CSLC.

This year’s CSLC will be run as a residential camp over 3 days and 2 nights and will cover topics such as Leadership, Effective Communication, Ceremonies, First Aid, Conflict Management and Teamwork.

Through this CSLC, Cub Scouts will:

  1. Learn the basic skills and knowledge of being a leader
  2. Develop skills such as teamwork, conflict management and effective communication needed for their appointment as a Sixer; and
  3. Build friendship amongst their Sixes and other Packs and actively help each other to achieve team goals in an inclusive manner
Reporting Date & Time : 11 Mar 2023 0830hrs
Dismissal Date & Time : 13 Mar 2023 1130hrs
Reporting Attire : Scout Uniform with National Scarf (Red)
Venue : Sarimbun Scout Camp, 70 Jalan Bahtera, Singapore 719921
Vacancy : 80
Course Fee : S$70.00 per Cub, subjected to GST
Deadline : 24 February 2023

Kindly register your cubs by the designated deadline via this MSDS link: South Area CSLC 2023

Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. In the case of an overwhelming response, primary 5 and 6 cubs will have priority.

For cubs who have special dietary needs, leaders are to email our Area Admin Ms Valerie and Course Director Mr Tennant Kiu.

Packs sending their cubs to this CSLC must have at least 1 accompanying leader. This Leader must be willing and ready to help out in the conduct of this CSLC. Leaders should register via this MSDS link: South Area CSLC 2023 Leader Registration

We also welcome any Leaders who are keen to help or would like to use this CSLC to clear their Wood Badge final report, they might be subjected to a fee. For more information regarding this CSLC, kindly inform the Course Director Mr Tennant Kiu at

Self-run CSLC

As communicated before, units who intend to run CSLC on their own may continue to do so. They will have to inform their intentions and course dates by the 1st quarter (by 10 March 2023) via email Ms Valerie and Mr Madhan. Upon completion of the self-run course, unit leaders are to notify the Area Admin via email. Units are required to register all participants under the self-run CSLC on MSDS via this link: South Area CSLC 2023

Course fee of $2 per Cub, subjected to GST will be charged for badge and e-cert. The deadline for self-run intake registration is 1st September 2023. Cubs who area not register for the self-run course on MSDS will not receive the badge and certificate.

There will be no further extension of registration to support efficient back-end planning.

Should you have any further questions or clarification, please email Ms Valerie Lim at

We look forward to your active participation in this course. Thank You!

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