The National Rover Council (NRC) is pleased to announce Rover Dialogue 2023. The purpose of the Dialogue is to gain insights of current sentiments of Rovering in Singapore, as well as to gather views for the direction to adopt moving forward.

As part of the #YourVoice surveys, Rover Dialogue 2023 will delve deeper into the viewpoints expressed in the surveys and build upon the responses to foster productive conversations and generate actionable strategies that can bring about positive changes for Rovering in Singapore.

We cordially invite all Rover Scout Leaders, Rover Scouts, Venture Scout Leaders, and Venture Scouts to register for Rover Dialogue 2023 to share their experiences as well as their views. To register, please sign up via this link,

The Rover Dialogue will be conducted physically on Saturday, 15 April 2023 from 0900hrs to 1300hrs, further details can be found in Annex A.

Please feel free to contact Mr Andrew Toh, Chairperson of the National Rover Council at for clarification.

Date : Saturday 15th April 2023
0900hrs to 1300hrs
Venue : SSA HQ Training and Programme Room (Level 2)
Attire : Full Scout Uniform
Registration Link :
Registration deadline : Saturday, 8 April 2023

Programme Flow:

  1. General Introduction to Rover Dialogue
    1. Themes
    2. Objectives
    3. Ground Rules
  2. Mass Icebreaker
  3. Presentation of #YourVoice survey responses
  4. Area Breakout
  5. Break
  6. Combined Sharing & Discussion
  7. Closing


  1. Finding Common Ground: The Role of Rovers
  2. Relevance of Scouting in our daily lives
  3. How do we promote retention of Ventures into Rovering
  4. Rover Journey: Participation and Implementation
  5. Empowerment of Rovers: Involvement
  6. Open Forum

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