We are pleased to announce that nominations for the Distinguished Service Award (DSA) for the year 2022 is now open. Please refer details below for more information on the Awards and nomination process.
In line with the Association’s Award Recognitions Framework set in the POR, there are two categories of Awards.

Distinguished Service Awards are conferred on registered Adult Leaders who have rendered significant contributions to the Scout Movement in Singapore. The Awards are as follows (in order of merit):

  • Distinguished Service Gold Award
  • Star to Distinguished Service Silver
  • Distinguished Service Silver Award
  • Star to Distinguished Service Bronze Award
  • Distinguished Service Bronze Award
  • Chief Scout’s Commendation.

Friends of Scouting Awards are presented to supportive donors or Organisations who have contributed significantly towards the success of the Scout Movement in Singapore. The Awards are as follows (in order of merit):

  • Gold Vanda Award
  • Silver Vanda Award
  • Bronze Vanda Award


The Awards Presentation Ceremony has been scheduled on Thursday, 20 July 2023.

Distinguished Service Awards

The nominating parties are listed as follows:

Nominations For Nomination by
1 Scout Council Members SSA President
2 Deputy Chief Commissioners
Area Commissioners
National Commissioners
Chief Commissioner
3 Assistant Area Commissioners & Adult Leaders under their Area Area Commissioners
4 Assistant National Commissioners & Adult Leaders under their portfolio

  1. Human Capital Team
  2. Educational Methods Team
  3. Emergency Preparedness Team
  4. Events Team
  5. Membership Team
  6. Unit Performance Team
  7. Communications Team
  8. Information Technology Team
  9. Community Programme Team
  10. Administration Team
  11. Projects Team
National Commissioners
5 Programme Commissioners & Round Tables (National Programme Team) National Programme Commissioner
6 Assistant Training Commissioners & Trainers (National Training Team) National Training Commissioner
7 Assistant International Commissioners & Adult Leaders (International Team) International Commissioner
8 Professional Staff Executive Director

Please use the online Nomination Form to submit a maximum of five (5) nominations per National or Department, and seven (7) for Areas.

Friends of Scouting Awards

The nomination parties are listed as follows

Nomination By
SSA President
Chief Commissioner
Area Commissioners
National Commissioners
National Programme Commissioner
National Training Commissioner
International Commissioner
Executive Director

There is no limit to the number of nominations for Friends of Scouting Awards.


In line with SSA efforts to move into Digital Transformations, all nominations forms are to be submitted online via Only valid email address will be accepted. The deadline for submissions is by 5pm on Friday, 7 April 2023.


Nominations are CONFIDENTIAL.
To prevent any potential embarrassment to either party, nominating and supporting parties are advised not to share their nomination with the nominee in the event that the Awards Committee does not approve the nomination.


Please refer to the guidelines for further information.

For any clarifications, please contact Ms Evan Ong at