The Well-Done Badge is presented to youth members who have exemplified the Scout Promise and Law and contributed to the well-being of their unit, school, or community.

Unit Leaders are invited to nominate deserving youth members for the Well-Done Badge for Q1, 2023.

Nomination for the Well-Done Badge is restricted to one nomination per unit. Nomination must be made on the prescribed form (Annex A) and to be submitted at this link:

The Area Commissioner will then endorse and support deserving nominees for the Well-Done Badge. Example of actions that would be suitable for nomination are provided in Annex B for your perusal.

The badge and congratulation letter can be presented by the School Principal during the school’s assembly (for school units) or by the Area Commissioner during an area event (for open units). The badge can be worn on the uniform by the youth member on the left chest above the Bumble Bee/ Squirrel Badge.

We hope that through this recognition, we can inspire our youth members to fulfil the purpose of Scouting – as active citizens, and responsible members of their communities.

Please submit the nomination form (Annex A) no later than 15 April 2023.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your respective Area Commissioner or Area Admin if you need further information.

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