We are pleased to inform you that the South Area with the support of the 02 Raffles Scout Group, will be organizing South Area Mind Quiz on 25 March 2023. The objective of the Quiz is to encourage our Cub Scouts / Scouts to learn more about Scouting and the world we live in.

Cubs participating in the quiz are expected to have a good understanding and knowledge of:

  1. Scouting History
  2. Singapore and World Scouting
  3. The Jungle Book
  4. General Knowledge and Current Affairs

Scouts participating in the quiz are expected to have a good understanding and knowledge of:

  1. Scouting History
  2. Singapore and World Scouting
  3. Scouting for Boys
  4. General Knowledge and Current Affairs

The Mind Quiz will comprise of a Preliminary Round and a Final Round. The Preliminary Round consists of a pen and paper Multiple Choice Questions (60 questions in 60 minutes). The top 3 teams will then qualify for the Final Round, which will be held in a game-show format.

Please refer to Annex A and B for the details.

Should you have any clarifications, please contact Ms. Valerie Lim at

South Area Mind Quiz 2023
General Information

Date : Saturday 25th March 2023
Time Cub Scout Competition – 8.30am to 12.30pm (Registration starts at 8.30am)
Scout Competition – 1.30pm to 4.30pm (Registration starts at 1pm)
Venue Yusof Ishak Block, Raffles Institution
1 Raffles Institution Lane
Singapore 575954
Attire Full Cub Scout/Scout Uniform with National Scarf
Eligibility All registered Cub Scouts and Scouts from South Area
Fees S$5.40 inc. of GST ($5.00 excluding GST)
Intake 2 teams per Cub Scout Pack/ Scout Group (3 Cubs/Scouts per team)
Things to bring Filled water bottle, writing materials and some snacks.
Registration Deadline Friday, 17 March 2023, 6.00pm

Registration is based on a first-come-first-served basis. Please register your participants via MSDS:
Additionally, leaders are also required to register through this google form:
Accepted registration will be duly notified. No withdrawal/replacement is allowed once invoice is issued.


  1. Each pack may send a maximum of 2 teams with 3 participants in each team to enter the Mind Quiz.
  2. Each pack may send a maximum of 2 teams with 3 participants in each team to enter the Mind Quiz.


  1. All participants must be present for the Mind Quiz.
  2. All participants are to bring their own writing materials. This includes a 2B pencil and a soft eraser.
  3. The format of the Preliminary Round of the Mind Quiz is an MCQ quiz. All participants are to complete the quiz individually. Team members may not cooperate during the Preliminary Round to answer the quiz questions.
  4. The Preliminary Round is closed-book and participants may not use any reference material (including electronic devices) during the Preliminary Round.
  5. Any form of communication during the Preliminary Round will be deemed as an attempt to cheat.
  6. Any breach of rules will be considered as cheating. If any participant has been found to be cheating, the participant’s entire team will be disqualified from the Mind Quiz. The offending team’s pack and leader will be informed of the misconduct.
  7. The Preliminary Round quiz consists of three sections: Scouting History and Knowledge of Movement, Scouting Skills and General Knowledge. Each section consists of 20 questions. Each correct answer will be awarded 1 point. There are no penalties for incorrect answers.
  8. The Preliminary Round quiz is to be completed within the stipulated duration of 60 minutes.
  9. The individual scores of each team member will be added up at the end of the preliminary round, to form the team score for the Preliminary Round.
  10. All teams will be banded as Gold (top 20%), Silver (next 30%) and Bronze (remaining 50%) at the end of the Preliminary Round based on their total scores. The top 3 scoring teams will proceed on to the Final Round.


  1. The final round consists of 3 stages and all teams start from 200 points.
  2. The final ranking will be based on the total number of points each team has at the end of the 3 rounds. The team with the highest score will be awarded first placing and so on.

Stage 1: Q & A Round

  1. Teams will take turns to choose a set of 9 questions. They will be given 60 seconds to answer as many questions as possible.
  2. Each set of questions has 3 questions from each category- Scouting History and Knowledge of Movement, Scouting Skills and General Knowledge. There will be 5 sets of questions to choose from. Each team will have to answer 1 set of questions in total.
  3. Each correct answer merits 10 points. There are no penalties for incorrect answers.

Stage 2: Jeopardy

  1. Teams take turns in this stage in descending order, based on the scores from the Q & A Stage. The highest scoring team starts first.
  2. Teams will be presented with a choice of 18 questions to select. The questions will not be revealed, but their category will be made known. Each question will merit a different number of points, (20, 40 or 60 points) indicative of the difficulty of the question.
  3. During each turn, the team will select one question. The team will be given 15 seconds to answer the question. Correct answers will merit the corresponding number of points. Incorrect answers will result in a penalty of half the points of the question.
  4. Once a question has been selected by a team, it can no longer be selected by other teams.

Stage 3: Rapid Fire

  1. A series of 21 questions will be posed to all the teams. The first team to press the buzzer will get to answer the question. Teams can press the buzzer before the question is fully read. Each correct answer merits 10 points. Incorrect answers result in a penalty of 5 points.
  2. Teams may not answer questions that another team had answered incorrectly.
  3. In the event that all teams are unable to answer the question within 20 seconds, the next question will be read.


The Anti-Corruption Badge Programme is a collaboration between SSA and the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) to equip Scouts with the basic understanding of corruption, its consequences, and importance of combating corruption. The programme aims to educate Scouts on how Scouting values such as, honesty, integrity & fairness, espoused in our Scout Promise and Scout Law, can eradicate corruption.

Please refer to Annex A for more details.

Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis. Please register your Cub Scout(s)/Scout(s) via the MSDS Youth Programme Registration Portal at Accepted applicants will be duly notified.

Kindly contact Ms Emily Ho, Executive (Programme) at or 62592858 should you require any assistance.

Date: Tuesday, 14 March 2023 (For Scouts)
Wednesday, 15 March 2023 (For Cub Scouts)
Time: 0930hrs to 1330hrs (14 March 2023)
0930hrs to 1100hrs (15 March 2023)
Registration starts at 0900hrs
Venue: SSA HQ, Programme Room (Level 2)
Attire: Full Scout Uniform with National Scarf
Eligibility: Cub Scouts/ Scouts
Fees: $4.32 inc GST per participant, which includes:
Anti-Corruption Badge and snacks during the session
Maximum Intake: 30 pax (For Cub Scouts)
20 pax (For Scouts)
Registration Deadline: Monday, 6 March 2023, 1800hrs
For participants, Unit Leader to register the Cub Scouts/Scouts via MSDS Youth Programme Registration portal at Accepted registrants will be duly notified.

Upon accepted registration1,

  1. Payment is to be made latest by Saturday, 11 March 2023.
  2. An email will be sent consisting of reporting details and resources for the programme

1Terms and Conditions

  • Upon confirmation of registration, no refund will be allowed once invoice has been issued unless the organiser cancels the event.
  • The Singapore Scout Association reserves the right to cancel/postpone the event and reject applicants, if necessary


Dear Leaders,
Greetings from the Singapore Scout Association (SSA).
The Chief Commissioner’s Award (CCA) is the highest award for Scouts in Singapore. We are pleased to announce that the nomination for the Chief Commissioner’s Award 2023 is now open for eligible Scouts.
To be eligible for nomination, a Scout must have completed all the following requirements:

  1. Voyager Award (Revised Criteria),
  2. Current registered members of SSA,
  3. Nominated by the Group Scout Leader or Scout Leader, and endorsed by the Sponsoring Authority.

For submission criteria and details, kindly refer to the following:

  • Annex A (Nomination & Submission Timeline),
  • Annex B (Criteria for Scout Progress Scheme),
  • Annex C (Standing Order for CCA), and
  • Annex D (Record Card).

For clarification or assistance, please contact Ms Emily Ho, Executive (Programme) at or call us at 62592858.